Write For Us

Write For Us

We Are Open to Guest Posting on Various niches such as Beauty Tips, Makeup Tips and Tutorials, Skincare, Haircare, Fashion, and Lifestyle Tips. 

Why write for Pembina Times?

We are an online fashion and healthcare community of bloggers and experts ceaselessly writing blogs and tips on beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, and lifestyle. We are ready to embrace new engaging ideas and insights so that we can help more people with helpful information. That’s why we welcome tips and tutorials about beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, or lifestyle

If you think you have the expertise in providing insights or sharing tips about hot and trending topics on beauty, makeup, skincare, and hairstyle, lifestyle; pembinatimes.ca can be the site where you can publish blogs to create an impact! 

What type of articles do we look up to? 

Trendy tips and ideas about beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, and health. 

Before sending us the article, make sure it is: 

  • Unique and Insightful  
  • Directed to an audience and offers help  

Or, if it’s a tutorial:

  • Write step by step in a helpful manner.  
  • Provide before and after images for trustworthiness.

How to write?

  • We always look for quality content; whether you are new or experienced does not matter! 
  • To Write to Us, contact us directly at contact.pembinatimes [at] gmail.com 

With – 

  • Subject: guest post 
  • Topic ideas 
  • The website you want to link to 

We will contact you with feedback if you follow our guidelines correctly.

Guidelines for Guest Posts OR Articles 

If you wish to be published on pembinatimes.ca, the following guidelines will be helpful: 

  • The article must be original, 100% unique, and plagiarism-free
  • The minimum length of the article should be at least 700 to 800 words
  • The article must cover the title intent adequately and include adequate external links
  • The article must be tuned up (SEO optimized and grammar-checked) and ready to publish with titles and formatted images. 

How to submit for Guest Blogging? 

  • If you already have an article to publish, don’t hesitate to submit it to contact.pembinatimes [at] gmail.com; we will contact you shortly after reviewing it. 
  • Soon after the submission, our editors will review your submission based on the guidelines above and get back to you shortly with feedback! 
  • If your article is approved for publication, we would like to add an author bio with a link to your blog, company, or website. 

We are heartily looking forward to receiving your submissions! 


  1. pembinatimes.ca reserves the right to accept or refuse any submissions. 
  2. We also have the right to re-edit the approved articles to suit our content design and remove errors.  
  3. We won’t publish if articles sent to us are duplicated or have more than marginal errors. 
  4. Pembina Times is the sole owner and reserves all rights to the content published on the website.  
  5. Note that content can’t be re-published anywhere else once published on our website.