The Province Invested $4.5 in The State-Of-The-Art Welding Shop at Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology

In Manitoba, welding is one of the most demanding businesses. 

The Manitoba government invested $4.5 million in the state-of-the-art welding shop. Jon Reyes, the Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration Minister, declared that the Province has extended the shop officially at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT). 

“The funding is part of the Manitoba government’s investment in the province’s education and training strategy that ensures the future workforce has more opportunities to learn and develop the skills they need to land in-demand jobs in Manitoba,” noted  


This new addition is the most significant expansion by the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, featuring a 6,500-sq. ft. addition to the south of the Henlow campus.                          

Besides, the project includes an expansion of 4,000-sq. ft. to the present shop, 36 new welding stations, and space serving as flex used for several advanced manufacturing learning programs. It will also benefit industry, secondary and post-secondary programs. 

Reyes also added that the new expansion will aid the industry-required welding components. It will facilitate the vision of Manitoba’s Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy. There will also be an innovative skills lab, where students will be introduced to new advanced technologies. 

MITT signed an MOU with the Canadian Welding Bureau for further enhancement to support the Manitoba welding industry. The MOU designates MITT as a training institute for CWB programming, making MITT a top-tier training facility for CWB in Manitoba.  

MITT is going to be the centralized location for all CWB education supervisors and inspector courses in Manitoba. 

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