Sustainable Men’s Clothing Canada: Top 10 Brands in 2022 to Revitalize Your Closet! 

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The demand for sustainable men’s clothing Canada and worldwide is soaring high, and it’s becoming trendier. Brands and consumers are more aware of the planet’s greater good and conscious of sustainable clothing production. If you’re trying to figure out the most trustworthy sources for sustainable men’s clothing Canada, hopefully, our selection of the top 10 sustainable menswear brands in 2022 will be worthwhile for you. 

Top 10 Brands for Sustainable Men’s Clothing Canada 

1. tentree

tentree believes that a great change comes from small unities, and planting ten trees at each purchase can bring a sustainable transformation to the environment.

The brand is a B Corp certified ethical fashion source in Canada. Since 2018, it has been contributing to sustainable fashion by producing super comfortable, healthy, eco-friendly wearables. 

Based In: Canada 
Known For: Ethical Backpacks, Affordable Ethical Fashion 
Corporate Responsibility: Replacing plastic usage with sustainable options and virgin packaging materials elimination by 2023
Material & Fabric: TENCEL™, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and hemp 
Range of Product: T-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, tops, shorts, jackets & coats, and more 
Price Range: $35-$120 

sustainable men's clothing canada

Ethical Sourcing: Regularly audits fair working environment 
Sustainability: A certified B-Corp brand with the best ethical business practice 

2. Obakki

Obakki cares for every artisan who contributes hand-in-hand to bring a sustainable change in the climate. Being part of the slow fashion industry, Obakki believes in quality which takes time to prepare for you. Hence, you may find Obakki apparel in a limited edition, but they are durable.   

Based In: Canada 
Known For: Soft t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. 
Corporate Responsibility: Donate a portion from every t-shirt sold to Bidi Bidi Uganda refugee settlement area 
Material & Fabric: Certified organic cotton combined with recycled polyester 
Range of Product: Men & Woman clothing, and accessories 
Price Range: $50-$85

obakki t shirt

Ethical Sourcing: Ensure additional care for workers along with a fair working environment
Sustainability: Maintain a holistic manufacturing process 

3. Allbirds

As a certified B- Corp, Allbirds entirely depends on mother nature to source raw materials to blend them into their footwear.

Although this brand is well known for footwear, it offers some exciting and sustainable activewear to ensure maximum comfort for its customers.    

Based In: New Zealand 
Known For: Eco-friendly slippers & Ethical running shoes 
Corporate Responsibility: Donate any returned shoe 
Material & Fabric: ZQ-certified merino wool, FSC-certified TENCEL lyocell, recycled polyester, and more 
Range of Product: Men & Women apparel and accessories 
Price Range: $12- $120 

allbirds t shirt

Ethical Sourcing: Recycled materials, and certified elements
Sustainability: Carbon neutral and maintain energy-saving practices in their manufacturing processes 

4. Rawganique

Rawganique partners with those who believe in bringing ecological sustainability, and at the same time, they ensure an ethical working environment for their employees. People endorse Rawganique’s eco-friendly socks, tees, trousers, jackets and all types of sustainable menswear. 

Based In: Europe & USA 
Known For: Eco-friendly socks 
Corporate Responsibility: They ensure eco-friendly production within a fair working environment 
Material & Fabric: Organic cotton, linen, and hemp 
Range of Product: Men & Woman clothing and accessories 
Price Range: $20-$330 

rawganique hoodie

Ethical Sourcing: No harmful chemicals or toxic dyes facilitating anyone with sensitive skin
Sustainability: Avoid toxic materials under a fair and ethical product supply chain 


KOTN is a Canadian apparel brand that offers sustainable menswear produced with long–staple Egyptian cotton. Their featuring collection includes denim, tees, sweats, etc., of different sizes for you! 

Based In: Canada 
Known For: Sustainable clothing, especially for undies 
Corporate Responsibility: Operating 7 schools in Egypt in terms of their commitment to increase the accessibility of education in rural areas along with other fund-raising projects impacting society 
Material & Fabric: Long-staple Egyptian cotton 
Range of Product: Men and Woman clothing, and accessories 
Price Range: $12-$200 

kotn mens rib t shirt

Ethical Sourcing: The cotton comes from BCI- Better Cotton Initiative certification 
Sustainability: Certified by B-Corporation 

6. Wear Pact

Wear Pact partners with Fair Trade Certified™ factories to ensure and encourage a fair working environment, facilitates employees and empowers them, and contributes to local communities to help others. 

Based In: United States 
Known For: Ethical underwear and activewear 
Corporate Responsibility: Donate gently used clothes to those who are in need of clothes 
Material & Fabric: Fair trade organic cotton 
Range of Product: Men, Women, & Kids apparel and accessories 
Price Range: $25-$150

wear pact denim chambray short

Ethical Sourcing: All the products of this brand are based on certified Fair-Trade factories
Sustainability: Uses organic cotton which is energy-efficient 

7. Organic Basics

This Danish clothing brand offers an impressive ethical collection for men ranging from the S size to XXL. Their sustainable production practices ensure the product’s durability for a longer period.  

Based In: Europe  
Known For: Ethical Men’s Clothing 
Corporate Responsibility: Targets to balance carbon footprints by their carbon neutral operations 
Material & Fabric: Organic cotton, recycled materials, recycled wool, Tencel™, and SilverTech™ 
Range of Product: Sustainable and Ethical Menswear 
Price Range: $20-$205 

Organic Basics t-shirt

Ethical Sourcing: Certified factory partners to source materials 
Sustainability: Only make partnerships with certified corporations that share similar values and work ethics

8. Patagonia 

Patagonia can be an excellent choice for your outdoor trip. Their sustainable and ethical production offers a range of winter collections for men.  

Based In: USA
Known For: Outdoor clothing and winter coats 
Corporate Responsibility: Products can be returned, repaired, replaced, or refunded in case of any issue 
Material & Fabric: Hemp, organic cotton, recycled cotton, and traceable down 
Range of Product: Men, Women, & Kids apparel and accessories 
Price Range: $25-$350

patagonia hybrid walk shorts

Ethical Sourcing: Organic and recycled materials 
Sustainability: Certified supply chain policy and fair working environment 

9. Outerknown

Pro-surfer Kelly Slater’s Outerknown offers a great menswear collection featuring sustainable jeans, swimwear for men, tees, shirts, sweats, and even eyeglasses!    

Based In: United States 
Known For: Sustainable jeans, swimming wear for men
Corporate Responsibility: Produces eco-friendly products within sustainable and fair production policy 
Range of Product: Men & Women apparel and accessories 
Price Range: $48-$375 

outerknown hybrid trunks

Ethical Sourcing: Fair Labor Association accredited brand
Sustainability: Products made from ethical organic, recycled, or regenerated materials 
Product Material & Fabric 

10. Threads 4 Thought

This lifestyle brand operates with ethical and sustainable garments and is committed to reducing environmental threats. It offers a range of ethical menswear, including short and long sleeves, Sweatshirts + Hoodies, sustainable activewear and more!     

Based In: USA 
Known For: Ethical Menswear 
Corporate Responsibility: An amount of profit is distributed to refugees and disaster-stricken communities 
Material & Fabric: Fabric blends include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Modal 
Range of Product: Men, Women, & Kids apparel and accessories 
Price Range: $28-$160 


Ethical Sourcing: Organic and recycled materials
Sustainability: A Fair Trade and Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified brand 

What Makes a Men’s Clothing Brand Sustainable? 

The time is now for you to restore your closet with sustainable and ethical fashionwear. The aerial demand for sustainable men’s clothing is a good sign for the environment as customers like you are increasingly heading toward the planet’s greater good. However, sustainable men’s clothing brand selection can be tricky nowadays. So, how do you know what makes a clothing brand sustainable?  

As a consumer, you can expect a clothing brand claiming sustainable and ethical production to maintain certain regularities in its product supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to lending clothes to your closet. You can inquire about some of the following facts before you buy: 

  • Natural and Biodegradable Fabrics 
  • Natural Dyeing Methods 
  • Fair Production 
  • Carbon neutrality 
  • Low Resource Consumption and Green Energy 
  • Use Recyclable Packaging and Avoid Plastic Materials 
  • Avoid Unethical Ways of Disposing 
  • Certification of sustainable supply chain management 

Sustainable Men’s Clothing Canada- Shopping Guide 

Sustainable men’s clothing brand selection can be challenging as almost all the brands out there trying to convince their customers to rely on their sustainability. However, looking for a brand that prioritizes neutral or organic materials in its production can assist you in choosing a real ethical and sustainable brand. Besides, the following points will also be helpful while purchasing sustainable men’s clothing Canada:  

  1. Brand materials & fabrics: Fabrics like organic cotton, ethical wool, modal, and Tencel are widely used in almost all sustainable clothing brands. These fabrics have a less negative impact on nature, the makers, and the users!  
  1. Certified materials: A smart way to ensure brands’ sustainability is to look for authorized certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard and TENCEL™ Lyocell. Besides, recycled materials used in production are also sustainable. In many cases, product descriptions can be significantly helpful to know about such materials in detail.  
  1. Ethical sourcing: Fairtrade, the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification assure ethical sourcing for their consumers. Brands with these certifications can be valued as sustainable sources of fashion.  
  1. Corporate responsibility: A sustainable brand that is literally aware of maintaining ecological balance will not be limited to only producing apparel. At the same time, that particular brand, for example, tentree, will perform social responsibilities and show commitment to increasing awareness of reducing the environmental pollution. 

Sustainable Men’s Clothing Canada- Final Words 

If thousands of clothing brands leave you confused to choose a sustainable brand for menswear, our short-listed top 10 brands for sustainable men’s clothing Canada in 2022 will alleviate your tension in the blink of an eye.  

As sustainable brands are part of slow fashion, such brands avoid random production every week to draw your attention with trending designs. Ethical and sustainable fashionwear needs sufficient time to be brought into shape with longer durability.   

You can also check out our collection of sustainable activewear to make your regular life more comfortable! 

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