Sustainable Activewear Canada: 10 Eco-friendly Brands to Lookout in 2022


Are you seeking activewear that has a lower impact on mother nature? Many brands claim to be producing sustainable activewear in Canada. Amidst the flux of brands, let us present the top 10 sustainable activewear Canadian brands on a single page, so you can source all your ethical and eco-friendly clothing without worrying about their authenticity. Our short-listed Canadian activewear brands are trusted, verified, and appealing to consumers because of their ethical and sustainable production. Without further ado, let’s jump into the selection!

Top 10 Brands of Sustainable Activewear Canada

1. tentree 

tentree is a B Corp certified ethical fashion brand producing sustainable activewear Canada. Since its inception in 2018, the brand has also produced comfortable, healthy, sustainable apparel.

tentree also has a lineup of eco-friendly wearables. The brand uses organic fabrics, including cotton and hemp, to ensure its user comfort and nature-friendly features. 

Based In: Vancouver, Canada
Range of Product: Adult and children’s activewear, tops, bottoms, loungewear, accessories
Best For: Graphic athletic tees and hoodies 
Size Range: XS-XXL 
Price Range: $30-$120    


tentree for the greater good, partners with multiple charitable, and follows the tradition of planting ten trees at each purchase, aiming to bring a sustainable transformation to the environment. 

2. KOTN 

KOTN is also a certified B Corporation voted as the best in the world for sustainable clothing. This sustainable clothing brand has a significant “B Impact” score (fourth-highest) for clothing brands within North America.   

Based In: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & Los Angeles 
Range of Product: Men, Women, Kids clothing and accessories 
Best For: Ethical Men’s & Women’s clothing 
Size Range: XS-XXL 
Price Range: $25-$128 

kotn boxer

KOTN cares about its community, where they work hand-in-hand to offer sustainable, high- quality products. Currently, the brand directly works with 2390 smallholder farmers in Egypt who are committed to fulfilling the need of the community. 

3. Seed

Seed started its journey back to ten years, and now the brand is widely known to Canadian consumers, especially for its “crop to top” manufacturing process and ethical supply chain.    

Consumers mostly like Seed because of its organic and hemp cotton. In fact, almost 80% of the dyes they use are from the collection of roots and plant leaves.

Based In: Cochrane and Calgary AB, Canada 
Range of Product: Statement pants, tops, and jumpers 
Best For: Pants for Men & Women 
Size Range: XXS-XXL 
Price Range: $207-$297 

seed store

4. Nominou 

Nominou is a Canadian clothing brand that contributes to reducing post-consumer plastics from landfills and uses post-consumer recycled materials in its manufacturing process.

This female lead brand produces athleisure for its users and possesses a respective perception of cultural diversity.  

Based In: Canada 
Range of Product: Men’s & Women’s clothing and accessories 
Best For: Athleisure 
Size Range: XXS-XXXL 
Price Range: $30-$112 


5. Public Myth

This Vancouver-based activewear brand is highly committed to producing and supplying ethical activewear to ensure your maximum comfort.

Public Myth believes in fair working environment for everyone involved in production and supply chain management.

Based In: Vancouver, Canada  
Range of Product: Men’s & Women’s clothing and accessories 
Best For: Activewear for Men & Women 
Size Range: XS-XL 
Price Range: $27-$138 


6. Daub & Design 

Daub + Design artfully blends colour and texture for women’s sustainable activewear Canada. Launched in 2010, this brand has produced a great lineup of women’s activewear.

Daub & Design will satisfy your active lifestyle needs within your affordability. 

Based In: Vancouver, Canada    
Range of Product: Activewear for Women  
Best For: Activewear 
Size Range: XS-XL 
Price Range: $24-$138 


7. Inner Fire 

Inner Fire offers you its lifestyle apparel, fostering a connection with less environmental impact. This ethical activewear brand is known for producing comfortable and easy-to-afford yoga garments. 

Based In: Vancouver, Canada  
Range of Product: Men’s & Women’s clothing and accessories 
Best For: Sustainable Activewear 
Size Range: XXS-XXXL 
Price Range: $20-$130 


8. MPG Sports 

MPG- Mondetta Performance Gear is a B Corp certified ethical clothing brand. This brand is no longer limited to activewear but enhancing its versatility in the world of fashion wear. MPG is here to be with you offering its sustainable comfort from your home to your outside routine. 

Based In: Canada & USA 
Range of Product: Men’s, Women’s apparel 
Best For: Athleisure 
Size Range: XS-XXL 
Price Range: $28-$108 


9. Smash + Tess 

Smash + Tess is well known for its super comfortable luxurious rompers. The trio founders, mother-daughter-bestie, do not compromise on offering premium quality sustainable garments, although that might slow down production.   

Based In: North America & Vancouver, Canada 
Range of Product: Women’s clothing, Kids & Men Rompers 
Best For: Rompers 
Size Range: XXS-XXXL 
Price Range: $40-$280 

smash tess

10. Prana Vida 

Founded by a caring mother in 2013, Prana Vida is aware of sustainable clothing with less environmental impact. The brand has shown concerns about moms and yoga practitioners and offers a fantastic lineup of ethical activewear.    

Based In: Canada 
Sustainability: OEKO-TEX certified material and organic cotton blend, and recycled polyester 
Range of Product: Womenswear  
Best For: Rompers, joggers, leggings, shorts, and undies 
Size Range: XS-XXXL 
Price Range: $45-$138 


What Makes a Clothing Brand Sustainable? 

Why do we prefer sustainable activewear Canada? Or in other words, what makes a sustainable clothing brand different from other brands. Basically, a sustainable clothing brand takes care of mother nature and ensures a fair working environment for each worker.   

Sustainable and ethical garment productions follow a series of actions that ensure your highest comfort and lowest effect on the environment. So, when a clothing brand claims that they have sustainable and ethical production, as a consumer, you can expect that particular brand maintains the following points in its product supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to lending clothes to your closet. 

  • Natural and Biodegradable Fabrics 
  • Natural Dyeing Methods 
  • Fair working environment and justified wage 
  • Carbon neutrality 
  • Low Resource Consumption and Green Energy 
  • Use Recyclable Packaging and Avoid Plastic Materials 
  • Avoid Unethical Ways of Disposing 
  • Certification of sustainable supply chain management 

Why Should You Buy Clothing from a Sustainable Brand? 

Whereas fast fashion prioritizes looks and trends and overlooks how our piece of clothing could impact nature widely, Sustainable fashionwear emphasizes eco-friendly, natural sourcing and ethical production; however, the process may slow down the production, AKA known as slow fashion.   

Fast fashion will bring you thousands of new styles and trends on every occasion, which even suit you gorgeously. After using them once or at max twice, those trends end in the landfills and contribute to increasing carbon footprints locally and globally. On the other hand, purchasing sustainable and ethical products allows you to get instant gratification as a consumer and reflects your care and compassion for the planet. Sustainable clothing production significantly reduces water pollution, carbon emission, and waste materials.   

Sustainable clothing is, therefore, a demand for time to make this earth more livable. Consumers like you and millions of others worldwide are encouraging fair labour practices by increasing the demand for sustainable clothing daily. In a sense, purchasing clothes from a sustainable brand means you are equally contributing to making this earth a better place to live in.   

Sustainable Activewear Canada – Shopping Guide 

Buying sustainable and ethical clothing has become more challenging because almost all the brands out there will claim that they care about the environment and fair working tradition. However, as a consumer, it is your responsibility to check out what you are going to wear.    

So, here are a few factors, or you can take them as your shopping guide for sustainable activewear Canada. Before buying your activewear, check out the following things:  

  • Clothing material: Sustainable clothing is made from natural fibres like hemp, organic cotton, linen, wool, merino, and recyclable materials. Here, you can easily avoid purchasing your activewear made of rayon, nylon, acrylic, spandex, latex, and more!    
  • Longevity: Before purchasing activewear, ensure that the activewear is reusable. Sustainable activewear Canada made from organic or recycled fibres has better longevity with lower eco-impact. It’s good for your health too.   
  • A Trustworthy Brand: However, it is difficult to determine whether your preferred activewear brand ensures sustainable production procedures and standards. In that case, you can choose one brand or multiple from our top-listed sustainable activewear brands for your peace of mind.   

Sustainable Activewear Canada: Final Words 

Every purchase of sustainable clothes takes us one step ahead as a contributor to keeping our environment safe. If you are looking for the best sustainable activewear brand in Canada, which is at the same time trustworthy, our list of top brands is to help you find the best sustainable activewear Canada available in the market. 

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