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This page is to inform the website users/AKA users regarding our policies for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information such as your name, personal postal and email address, or personal telephone number.

If you choose to be a user, then you consent to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. Note that the personal information that we collect is used for the sole reason of improving the Service. We deem every user’s information private and confidential. It’s part of our core policy we value your privacy above all.

Website Privacy Policy (

As a user of this website, you agree to the terms of our privacy policy for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information for the specific purposes stated below. Note that, we do not collect, use or disclose any of your personal information for any other purposes whatsoever, except with your consent or as required by law.

The Information We Collect

  1. SITE ACTIVITY DATA: Every time a user comes to our website, our web server collects and logs certain information. These access logs are stored for a certain period of time. Note that, these logs include information but are not limited to your machine’s TCP/IP address, your username (if applicable), date, time, and files accessed. These logs also fetch information about ‘referrer’ information if you clicked on an external link to visit another page on this website. These logs are used solely for performance, site administration, and security reviews. We do not sell or share the information in any way with any third-party organizations.
  2. COOKIES: This website may use cookies only for security and authentication purposes. This information is used only to maintain your computer’s session with the Pembinatimes web server. This information, like any other personal information, is not shared or sold to third-party organizations for any purpose.
  3.  PERSONAL INFORMATION: Personal information, such as your name, personal postal and email address, or personal telephone or contact number, is collected only when you intentionally provide it to us. We receive such information when you send an e-mail through this site or take other actions, such as completing an online form or registering for a competition or course. Such information is forwarded only to the concerned department to deal with your request, and this information is only used to reply to your specific inquiry. Your personal information is safe with us, and we do not sell private information to any third parties, nor add information to any bulk email lists.

Affiliate Links Disclosure

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Policy Revisions

Any changes made to this website’s privacy policy will be promptly updated and communicated on this website. However, policy changes will not be applicable to the previously submitted personal information. If you have any queries about our privacy policies or wish to update any of the personal information you have provided to us, please contact us at contact.pembinatimes [at]