Outdoor Game Ideas for Summer!

outdoor games

Here are 3 fabulously fun games for you and your friends to play during these lengthy and hot days.

Wheel-Barrow Race

In a wheelbarrow race, children race in pairs: one child races with their hands on the ground and legs held in the air. They are the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow puts their hands on the ground and then another child will act as the driver. The driver holds the wheelbarrow’s legs in the air. The wheelbarrow walks on their hands while the driver supports their legs and drives them to the finish line. The first pair to the finish line wins!

wheel barrow race
Wheel Barrow Race

Kick the Can

You can do lots with a handful of people and an empty bottle or can.

You can play “Kick the Can”!

A fun cross of hide-and-seek, tag, and capture the flag. Avoid being captured at all costs while you attempt to free your captured teammates by kicking the can in the centre of the field.

One person (or a team of people if the group is large) is “It” and an empty can is placed on an open playing field.

“It” counts to a number with their eyes closed. (60-80 is the average) while the other players run and hide.

“It” then tries to find and tag all of the players, but they have to always be keeping a watchful eye on the can. Any player who is tagged is sent to a designated area called the “jail” usually in plain sight of the can.

The rest of the players attempt to kick the can before being tagged out. If they can kick the can without being caught, they set all the captured players in the “jail” free.

kick the can
Kick the Can

Marco Polo

The greatest pool game in history, Marco Polo, also deals with an “it” person whose eyes are closed and chasing the voices of the others. In this case, however, the “it” person calls out “Marco,” and the others respond with “Polo.” If someone illegally exits the pool and the “it” person hears, he or she calls out “fish out of water,” and that person becomes “it.”

This game is actually played in a pool, it’s one of the most famous pool games in history! A person will be designated at “It” and will have their eyes closed (a blindfold works too!) while chasing the voice of the other players. “It” calls out “Marco!” and the rest of the players respond with, “Polo!”. If someone gets out of the pool and “It” hears, they can call out “fish out of water!” and that person becomes “It”! This game can only end if “It” has tagged out all the players.

marco polo
Marco Polo Pool Game

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