Manitoba is The Second-Largest Pharmaceutical Exporter in Canada: The Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister of Manitoba  

On June 13, the Canadian pavilion opening was held officially at the 2022 BIO International Convention. Manitoba’s Economic Development, Investment and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen attended the opening ceremony. 

Regarding the Province’s commitment to developing the Canadian bioscience industry, Cullen said that Medicaments are Manitoba’s top export and Manitoba is the second-largest pharmaceutical exporter in Canada. He added, “Manitoba is proud to be a leading Canadian bioscience industry destination and is an established leader in bioscience innovation. The extraordinary scientific, medical and technological contributions of the sector to every aspect of our lives are without equal, along with being a critical component of strengthening the economy in Manitoba. Through our strategic partnerships with industry leaders and the Bioscience Association of Manitoba, we directly support bioscience promotion, investment attraction and development activities in our Province.” 

Cullen added that the government of Manitoba provides a wide range of support for industry investment, development and expansion, which includes: 

  • Product development and commercialization funding; 
  • Employee skills training; 
  • Promotion of sector-specific workforce, and  
  • A new $50 million public-private venture capital fund, launching later this year 

Kim Kline is the president of Manitoba’s Bioscience Association. Kline remarked that Manitoba is the gateway to the west, and the Province will soon become the gateway to the globe. 

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