7 Top Luxury Activewear Brands in Canada: Activewear Brands That Accentuates Your Lavish Lifestyle!

7 Top Luxury Activewear Brands in Canada

Whereas activewear is best for sports or hitting the gym; premium and sustainable activewear let you do those routines with style, pure elegance, and glamour. So whatever workout you love, maybe flowing on a yoga mat, jogging some kilometers at dawn, or you are into sports like soccer or hockey, the best luxury activewear brands offer premium workout pieces, exclusively designed keeping your style-hunger in mind.

Premium activewear is not only for flaunting; the best of those is insanely comfortable and crafted with premium materials, ergonomic, feature-packed keeping workouts, or made for particular sports in mind. While preparing the list, we choose brands that only use standout fabrics, flattering cuts, and sleek designs. At the same time, we rank them for usability, comfort, and versatility.

Want to take a peek? Let’s jump in.

7 Top Luxury Activewear Brands

1. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a global lifestyle and luxury activewear brand that believes in motivating women and inspiring women. This unique brand crafts its clothes sustainably from recycled bottles and sourced materials caring for both body and planet. It’s one of the high-end activewear brands that has brought a holistic lifestyle approach to sportswear.

Based In: London, England
Range of Product: Activewear, Lingerie, Tops, Swimwear
Best For: Origin of fashionable Sportswear
Product Material: Cotton, recycled plastic bottles
Size Range: XS to XXL
Price Range: $100 – $170

Sweaty Betty

2. Sporty & Rich

Sporty & rich is a luxury activewear brand that transformed from an Instagram mood board into a luxury activewear brand. The activewear line is simple yet has elegant designs which would withstand time. The brand values mother earth, all activewear pieces from them are environmentally sustainable and give a feel like a second skin.

Based In: New York
Range of Product: Lingerie, Tops, Swimwear, Activewear
Best For: Lingerie, activewear
Product Material: Nylon, Spandex
Size Range: XS to XL
Price Range: $120 – $180

3. Lululemon

Lululemon started its journey as a retailer of yoga pants and yoga wear. Today, it has expanded as a luxury athletic wear brand that offers a range of elegant, muted activewear from basic gym gear to trail and hiking apparel. As a result, this brand is one of the most sought-after luxury activewear brands in 2022.

Based In: Vancouver, Canada
Range of Product: Activewear, Men and women’s clothing essentials, Accessories
Best For: street style, gym activewear
Product Material: Cotton, Lycra
Size Range: 2-12
Price Range: $150-$180

4. Victoria Beckham x Reebok

What could be better than collaborating with high-end fashion designer Victoria and brand Reebok. These two combined bring the best and most trusted sportswear with the best materials and elegance. Moreover, this collaboration brought together activewear that can be used from AM to PM for treadmills and jogging.

Based In: Boston, USA
Range of Product: Activewear, Shoes, T-shirt
Best For: Activewear, Shoe
Product Material: Cotton, Nylon. Elastane
Size Range: XS to L
Price Range: $100- $230

Victoria Beckham x Reebok

5. Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney

Adidas, the renowned German brand, collaborated with the English fashion designer Stella mc Cartney. The collaboration together brings a spin on modern luxury activewear by adding a pop of color and drama. Moreover, the brand also prioritizes style with performance. As a result, the brand has launched nineties-inspired luxury sportswear and activewear this season.

Based In: Germany
Range of Product: Lingerie, Tops, Swimwear, Activewear
Best For: sportswear, activewear
Product Material: recycled polyester, elastane, parley ocean plastic.
Size Range: XXS to XXL
Price Range: $110 – $200

Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney

6. Fendi

LVMH owns Fendi. It’s distinctively known among most for its “F” logo. The brand started its journey from a small boutique in Rome, and today it’s known as one of the best luxury brands. It’s luxury activewear brands that bring color to your wardrobe. Moreover, it has everything from cropped t-shirts to leggings for every fitness enthusiast.

Based In: Rome, Italy
Range of Product: men’s and women’s luxury clothing and sportswear.
Best For: Lingerie, activewear
Product Material: Polyamide, Elastane
Size Range: XS to L
Price Range: $500- $2500

Fendi luxary Luxury Activewear Brands

7. Girlfriend Collective

Founded by husband-and-wife girlfriend collective makes their pieces sustainable. The activewear pieces are genuine luxury items, using recycled materials like polyester, fishing nets, and water bottles. Moreover, the brand promotes body positivity, offering activewear pieces in a wide range of sizes XXS to 6XL.

Based In: Seattle, United States
Range of Product: Lingerie, Tops, Swimwear, Activewear
Best For: Body-positive activewear
Product Material: Cotton, recycled materials (plastic bottles, fishing nets, polyester)
Size Range: XXS to 6XL
Price Range: $130 – $150

Girlfriend Collective

Luxury Activewear Brands: Shopping Guide

Buying luxury activewear pieces has become more critical now, with many brands emerging with premium tags. But as a consumer, since you are investing quite a lot, it’s quintessential that the piece is worth the bucks spent.

So, to make your life easier, we have summed up some key factors that should influence your purchase decision while buying premium activewear.

Premium Material:

Sustainable clothing is usually made of natural fibers such as hemp, organic cotton, linen, wool, merino, or recyclable materials. Some luxury activewear brands also use premium spandex and Lycra to ensure that the product moves freely with the body.

Top-notch Brand Value:

Looking for top brands determines if you invest money in the right place! Usually, top brands adopt eco-friendly production principles and fair wage policies for good. Moreover, the renowned brand collaborates with the famous designer to ensure the pieces are unique and offer a premium look and feel.

Fit for Performance

Before buying any activewear, we should look define our usage. For example, if we want activewear for high-intensity or low-intensity workouts. Like, for someone who is into high-intensity activities like weight lifting, Fendi black lycra leggings are remarkable for their added support and comfort at the same time.

Quality Knitting

One of the main differences between cheap and high-end activewear is how seamless the knitting is. The seams of premium wear are pristine. You will feel it when you wear it. Everything about premium activewear should be a quality statement, from the neck to the bottom of the hoodie.

Trendy Unique & Stylish

The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and so is activewear. So, while buying premium activewear, it’s in your best interest that you should look up the latest trend and unique design to flaunt your ingenuity. That’s why brands like lululemon always ensure their activewear keeps up with the tide of time.


Being feature enriched is one quality that differentiates luxury activewear from cheap activewear. Luxury generally has a lot of features in them like seamless, stretchy, booty support. So, while buying, consider the type of features essential for your workout routine and make sure your premium wear packs all the punches!


In the past, activewear was boring but as fashion evolved, so did the sportswear industry. This luxury activewear brands design satisfies our high-end tastebuds. Today we are more driven to sustainable clothes, why? So that we can express ourselves in an eco-responsible manner. On top of that, celebs or designer activewear moves and inspires us every day.

Even celebrities are seen wearing them on casual occasions. However, wearing activewear is the trend now. So, should we remain outdated or keep up with trends and express ourselves better? Well, the choice is yours!

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