Internet Café Anyone?

internet cafe

Seniors in Morden are into digital media.  They have iPads and iPhones.  They even have blue tooth hearing aids that connect automatically to cell phones and T.V.  Accessing the weather, news, photos, recipes, emails, and video chatting are top functions used.  Seniors’ family members encourage them to use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Although, the seniors report that often, their grandchildren usually whip through a digital lesson, leaving the senior short of understanding the process. More time is needed to practice and experiment with the internet and its tools.   

Local business, Seniors in Sync, has facilitated many internet training sessions for seniors at Morden Activity Centre (MAC). Those present came home with confidence and an appreciation of the patience which the Seniors in Sync owner Seth Friesen has.  Also at MAC, the New Horizons for Seniors programming has a Digital Lifestyles session on Monday, June 6 at 1pm.   Creating a sort of ‘internet café’ is brewing with this intergenerational program.  Any ideas on when or how you’d like to gather to use and learn digital tools? MAC and the Morden Library have access to iPads for loan, you don’t even need your own.  What may the World Wide Web offer to your curiosity?

Rebecca Atkinson, BMR-PT

Morden Winkler Physiotherapy
Provider of Home Participation Physiotherapy

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