How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage: 8 Easy-to-follow Tips

How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage

After parking a car in the garage, a few or ample spaces remain empty; the free space is utilized for multipurpose, and storing giant garden tools is one of them. 

Homeowners mostly use the garage space to store their garden accessories so that they can access those tools easily while working. Sometimes, additional garage space may need to install to keep big equipment like a lawnmower, a snow blower, etc. But how to store lawn mower in garage for better maintenance?

Additional space in the garage area is a better option to store big equipment like a lawnmower, but you need to prepare it first. Once your garage is ready, you can put the lawn equipment and other garden accessories in the storage.  

In this article, we’ll spell you have included 8 tips and tricks on how to store lawn mower in garage so that you can reunite with the mower in the next mowing season without any hassle.

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8 tips on How to store lawn mower in garage  

1. Optimize Existing Garage Storage  

While optimizing garage space, you can remove older and unnecessary things to free up more space. It’ll help to place the lawn mower without colliding with other tools. The space can be anywhere inside the garage, replacing the existing tools around. However, the corner is the safest place to store this big trimmer as there will be less movement of other tools.  

2. Installing A Rack or Shelving Unit  

The benefit of installing a rack or shelving unit is that the lawn mower can be kept above the ground. Besides, if you have more than one lawn mower, you can store them together on the shelves.   

If you want to install a rack or shelving unit, place the most frequently used machine, the heavy ones, at the bottom. Optimizing space with a rack or shelves will also create additional space for other tools. So, the idea is awesome!  

3. Use Floor Mat and Tarp  

If you want to store the lawn mower for the next season, you’ll need a floor mat to keep the wheel apart from direct ground touch. Besides, there remains the risk of leaking the engine, staining and damaging the floor due to the leaked oil. To avoid such unexpected situations, we recommend an oil-absorbing floor mat to protect both the equipment and the floor ground.  

On the other hand, a tarp covering will protect the lawn mower from the overlays of dust and other elements which may exist in the highly contained garage air.  

How to Store Lawn Mower in Garage

4. Cleaning the Mower  

Properly Cleaning the lawn mower will increase its shelf-life. If you leave the lawn-trimmer uncleaned and place it in the garage storage, sooner or later, the equipment will lose its mechanical capacity due to long-standing rust and stains. On top of it, the remaining dirt can affect other tools existing in the storage. So, cleaning is necessary for either storing the mower for tomorrow or the next mowing season.  

5. Check Out the Ignition System (Engine Starting System)  

Occasionally, monitor the ignition mechanism of the lawn mower if it is functional or not while in storage. If the ignition system works appropriately, it is ok. After that, remove the spark plugs and store them in a protected space so they won’t get rusted or damaged. Remove the batteries and better use them in another machine if possible. Because storing batteries for a longer duration is not a good idea since batteries may get down and turn useless.  

6. Ensure Fuel Tank Covering  

The fuel tank of the mower should be covered carefully. Otherwise, a simple fuel leakage can stain other parts of the mower and damage the floor mat, and the most concerning issue is that it can cause serious fire accidents that can destroy your garage storage. So, be careful while covering the fuel tank; make sure it is leak-proof.  

7. Evacuate the Gas Tank and the Remaining Oil  

As you’re storing the lawn mower for a long time, for the next season probably, you should empty the gas tank and the existing oil from the engine to protect the gas tank and keep the engine safe until you draw them back into the lawn. 

8. Storing Corded or Cordless Lawn Mower 

While storing, a corded or cordless lawnmower; the corded lawnmower, it’s important to keep the cord safe and clean. On the other hand, a cordless lawnmower doesn’t have any attached cords. But there is the battery to protect. The battery should be detached before storing and kept away from any places with heat exposure. 

How to hang A lawn Mower on the Garage Wall?  

People also opt for hanging lawnmowers on the garage wall. But hanging a lawn mower vertically on a wall is critical as there are risks of leakage and damage to the storage. So, it would be best if you hung it horizontally.   

Considering the possible risks and if you can eliminate those risks, then install a wall hanger that is well-structured to hold the big body. Before hanging the mower horizontally, store all the removable parts near the machine, empty the gas tank and oil and lower its weight as much as possible. Now, the mower is ready to get hung on the wall.  

What are the other lawn mower storage ideas?  

The lawn mower remains busy during the mowing season. So, you store it in a place where it’s easily accessible. On the other hand, once the season is over, it’s time to keep the mower for several months until the following season. The storage space should be optimized this time in the least busy part of the garage or elsewhere. You can store it in some other places too.  

Let’s see what the other lawn mower storage ideas are:  

  • On a slopped platform  
  • On a storage lift system  
  • On any small and protective shed  
  • On a dedicated exterior lawn mower shed  
  • In a canopy as an outdoor storage  
  • Storage unit in the basement or attic  

Final Thoughts  

A Lawnmower is one of many handy tools for every house owner, and the garage is the best place for it is one of the suitable places to protect them from damage so that their shelf-life extends.  

For an idea, if there is a lack of space in the garage store, you can also optimize additional space outside the garage to store the lawn mower.  

Hope these tips meet your queries on how to store a lawn mower in the garage. If you have any more queries, feel free to let us know in the comment section. 


Is it safe to store the lawn mower in the garage?  

A garage is safe to store lawnmowers as the indoor environment is dry and well-protected to save the equipment from extremely freezing or evaporating hot weather.   

Can I store the lawn mower and snow blower in the garage?

Yes, you can. The garage must be broad if you want to store the lawn mower and snow blower in the garage. It may require ample space that can be nearly similar to the entire parking space of a car.

Can you store a lawn mower in a shed?  

Wherever you store a lawn mower, the place has to be dry, protected, and elevated from the ground, keeping the equipment safe from elements like rain and sun. If the space under the shed provides enough protection for the lawn mower, you can store it in a shed.

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