10 Top Brands to Buy Eco-friendly and Sustainable Jumpsuit in 2022! 


Tired of matching pants and tops! Sneak into trendy sustainable jumpsuits as they are comfortable enough that you can throw yourself on in the morning and instantly feel more put together. Like other clothing, sustainable and ethical brands produce eco-friendly jumpsuits with natural sourcing and a fair production process.   

These classic all-in-one garments have become extremely popular in recent years, and for a good reason: jumpsuits, playsuits, boilersuits, overalls, and dungarees—whatever you want to call them. They are timeless pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down, are suitable for any season, and flatter all body types.   

Excited about jumpsuits or not sure where to start? We created this post to assist you. We have summed up 10 stunning sustainable and ethical jumpsuit-producing brands’ all-in-one page! Check them to source your pieces of stylish and sustainable jumpsuits. 

1. Made Trade 

Made Trade is a women-owned brand designed for fashion dreamers who prefer ethical and sustainable clothing. Made in the USA, the brand is vegan and uses zero per cent animal products. Instead, they use GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, and hemp.

All their products are handcrafted, and the brand has a strict fair wage policy. We keep it at the top cause the brand has an impressive and handmade collection of sustainable jumpsuits.    

Based In: USA   
Range of Product: Clothing, furniture, shoes, & accessories    
Size Range: XS – L    
Price Range: $35 -$215   

sustainable jumpsuit

2. Birds of North America  

Founded by designer Hayley Gibson in 2007, Birds of America is a Canadian clothing line. The brand began its journey in a tiny studio in Victoria. Later in 2008, in Chabanel, the historic garment district, they connected with an extraordinary team of cutters and sewers and with them.

Since then, till now, every bird’s items, even the jumpsuits, are sustainably and proudly ethically made in Canada.      

Based In: Canada      
Range of Product: Dresses, jumpsuits, skirts     
Size Range: 2-18    
Price Range: $159-$300   


3. tentree

tentree makes clothes using the most sustainable materials in the world. And they focus on the earth’s betterment as, after each purchase of an item, they plant ten trees.

They constantly look for innovative ways to make apparel with the smallest possible carbon footprint. For example, producing a tentree jumpsuit uses 75% less water than others.     

Based In: Vancouver, Canada    
Range of Product: Jumpsuits, adult and children activewear, tops, bottoms, loungewear, accessories    
Size Range: XS-XXL   
Price Range: $30-$120    


4. KOTN 

KOTN is a North American brand that focuses on design, honors the places they are made and the people who made them. This brand has been certified and voted by B Corporation for sustainable clothing.

Moreover, it has a B impact score, the fourth-highest among the North American brands. Apart from T-shirts, the brand makes sustainable jumpsuits and has a line of other clothing items. 

Based In: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver & LA    
Range of Product: Men, women, kids clothing & accessories     
Size Range: XS-XXL   
Price Range: $25-$128

kotn jumpsuite

5. Suzie Blue Canada 

A family-run business in Suzie blue, Canada, is born from their love of Balinese products. For ethical and sustainable sourcing, most products are made by hand. Even the base products used to assemble bracelets and necklaces are hand sanded and painted before being assembled.

Moreover, the unique and sustainable jumpsuit collection of Suzie Blue Canada is inspired by the Balinese culture and heritage. 

Based In: Canada      
Range of Product: Jewelry and clothing accessories   
Size Range: One size fits all   
Price Range: $15 -$100   

suizie blue romper image

6. Daub & Design 

Daub and Design is a female-founded and female-led company that supports women in everyday life. Every clothing item is made in Canada, but the brand is widely known for its hand-dyed leggings and undies.

They also have a unique collection of sustainable jumpsuits and soft basic wardrobes.    

Based In: Vancouver, Canada      
Range of Product: Jumpsuit & activewear for women 
Size Range: XS-XL   
Price Range: $24-$138   

daub and design

7. Thred Up 

Thred Up is a thrift store. The brand was created when the founder realized the number of carbon footprints a new piece of clothing leaves in the climate. They believe shopping secondhand reduces the cost of fashion and gives life to used clothes.

Reselling used clothes like jumpsuits makes us one step closer to a circular fashion future.    

Based In: Oakland, California, USA     
Range of Product: Dresses, handbags, sunglasses      
Size Range: 4 to 14   
Price Range: $5-$100      

thread up

8. Smash + Tess  

Smash + Tess is a Vancouver-designed, North American-made, globally inspired clothing brand. Their best-selling fabric is made from sustainable rayon from bamboo and cotton blend. Even though expensive, every clothing they produce is ecologically sustainable, stands the test of time, and retains shape and softness.

Moreover, they ensure every piece of clothing, including the jumpsuit collection, is ethically produced. 

Based In: North America & Vancouver, Canada    
Range of Product: Women’s clothing, kids & men rompers    
Size Range: XXS-XXXL   
Price Range: $40-$280   

smash + tess

9. People Tree

People Tree is a decade-old brand that produces clothing with the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. The collections feature organic cotton, Tencel, and responsibly sourced wool fabrics.

They also make fabrics from linen and ensure there is zero waste. Produce clothing using traditional artisan skills such as hand weaving and hand knitting. They have a sustainable jumpsuit made of breathable fabric that will soften with each wash.   

Based In: United Kingdom   
Range of Product: Jumpsuits, dresses, knitwear, & activewear     
Size Range: 8-16   
Price Range: $38 -$155   

people tree jumpsuit

10. Mettamade

Mettamade is a brand that aims for longevity and believes in streamlining and simplifying the wardrobe to a simple yet well-made piece. So, all the clothes made by the brand are from eco-responsible materials like bamboo, Tencel, organic cotton, and eco-vera.

Another unique facet of the brand is that they focus on body positivity. This brand has more size options for all clothing, including the jumpsuit collection.    

Based In: Ontario, Canada   
Range of Product: Tops, leggings, jumpsuits, dresses 
Size Range: XS-6X   
Price Range: $56- $193   

mettamade jumpsuite

Sustainable Jumpsuit Shopping Guide   

Go for a perfect fit:    

Jumpsuits are a perfect fit; if they’re too tight, they will be very uncomfortable. If it is too loose, the clothing will look odd on you. Therefore, before buying any jumpsuits, it’s necessary to know your measurements from bust to inseam and buy the one with the perfect fit.    

Defined waist:    

A defined waist is essential for a jumpsuit because, with a defined waist, the jumpsuit will fit your figure definitively. So, while buying a jumpsuit, check for one with a defined waistline, or don’t get frustrated if there’s no defined waistline. A belt can be paired to make the waistline prominent.    

Fabric and materials:    

For a sustainable jumpsuit, sustainable buyers are concerned with whether the materials used in the jumpsuit are ethically produced or not. Fabrics like linen, GOTS cotton, and recycled polystyrene are sustainable for the environment. In addition, these materials leave a very low carbon footprint, making the jumpsuits more sustainable.    

Reputed brands:    

It is difficult to determine whether your preferred jumpsuit brand ensures sustainable production procedures and is ethically sourced. In that case, you can choose one or multiple brands from our top-listed sustainable jumpsuit brands for your peace of mind.    

At The End:    

These are 10 ethical and sustainable jumpsuit brands available in Canada that would stand the test of time and make you feel ecologically responsible. What other ecological and sustainable brands do you want us to discuss next? Let us know.  

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