The 5 Best Steam Oven of 2022: Choose Steam Oven for Healthier & Tastier Cooking!

Whether you are a health junkie or want to feed nutritious food to your family, you might have heard about the steam oven for healthy cooking. In cooking method, process, and results, steam ovens are different from regular ovens, like the wonderful Dutch ovens. A steam oven will give you a quicker and more nutritious meal, your dishes, desserts will be reheated, baked, or proofed to perfection. By adding a steam oven to your cookware collection, you’ll find more and more people appreciate your healthy food habits, tasty dishes, and mouth-watering desserts than ever before. 

But before you look for the best steam oven, take a tour with us to figure out which steam oven would be perfect for your kitchen and suitable for your needs. We recommend the Combi-Steam Ovens, which are basically a combination of convection and steam for an array of benefits, including better flavor, enriched food color and texture, and keeping food nutrients intact. On top of that, combi-steam ovens are easier to clean and maintain than regular steam ovens.

To make things easy for you, we have included a list of 5 combi-steam ovens and how you can choose the best one to add more nutrients to your daily meal.  

Best Steam Oven: How Do Steam Ovens Work?  

Almost all steam ovens have internal water tanks that must be refilled with water before cooking. Depending on the model, this could be manual or automatic through the kitchen plumbing system. Cooking can be started when the water canister is full. Because as the oven gets heated, the water inside also heats up and creates steam. This steam inside the oven creates and retains moisture in the oven and prevents the food from drying up. But because of this, a steam oven needs a bit more maintenance than a regular oven.     

Benefits of Cooking with Steam  

Healthier, more Nutrient-dense Food  

 Usually, when we cook in a regular oven, the high heat of the oven can annihilate the heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin c and folate, but that’s not the case for any best steam oven.   

No Need to Use Fatty Oils    

 Because of the steam inside the oven steam oven has a natural moist cooking environment. So, while cooking in the oven, the food will require less oil and won’t dry off quickly. In this way, you can keep your calorie count low. 

Better Reheating Results Than Microwaves   

We all have experienced dried pizza the next day after we reheat it, but with steam, oven leftovers can be heated efficiently without ruining their texture. And don’t worry about the time, it’s nearly the same as the microwave.

Save Time on Pre-heating and Cooking:    

The oven cavity of the steam oven is smaller than the traditional oven, so these oven pre-heats a lot faster than the conventional oven. But, at the same time, steam is a better conductor than air. So, it cooks much faster than typical ovens. Like you can cook a serving of salmon in just 8 minutes in a best steam oven.    

Our Pick of 5 Best Combi Steam Oven    

1. Thermador Professional Masterpiece® Steam

Thermador Professional Masterpiece® Steam

Jump into the new world of culinary art with the Thermador Professional Masterpiece®, the best combi-steam oven we came across with the goodness of steam and convection. Get a satisfying result each time with this Top-of-the class oven that ranks top on our list. This wonderful cookware can cook evenly without sacrificing taste or time. For precision cooking, you can pre-heat and send recipes direct to the oven with the app and Wi-Fi connectivity.   

Why Should You Buy it?   

  • Ample cavity space for cooking multiple dishes at once  
  • Temperature probe measures food temperature without opening the door  
  • Top-notch self-cleaning mechanism  
  • Easy Wi-Fi connectivity allows more personalized control and notification   
  • 17 specialized heating modes for easy cooking 

Any Reasons for Second Thought?   

  • Hefty price tag 

2. Miele DGC 7440 AM

Miele DGC 7440 AM steam Oven

Blanch, defrost, melt, bake or cook anything with the Miele DGC 7440 AM, and get a satisfying result each time with this 24-inch compact combi best steam oven. This steam oven enables a range of cooking and eating healthily. With its gentle cooking, the steam retains all the natural flavor and keeps the food nutrient-enriched and fresh. Another thing we noticed about this oven is that it keeps food warm for around 15 minutes.    

Why Should You Buy It?    

  • It comes with the convenience of Wi-Fi networking for precision cooking   
  • A larger display shows cooking details in more visible text   
  • Dual steam technology gives perfect cooking results  
  • Convenient operation with lift-up panel for water container behind   
  • Stainless steel oven allows easy cleaning   

Any Reasons for Second Thought?   

  • Not the largest size available on the market.  

3. Wolf 30″ M Series Contemporary Black Glass Convection

Equipped with unique digital technology, the wolf 30″ M series black glass convection combi steam oven senses the food and adjusts all the details of the cooking. Its unique features allow you to fry French fries without adding fat. Available in a 30″ M wolf oven is good enough for any large family. And now, be less worried about burning your food in the oven as it can detect the food and automatically turn it on and off, allowing you to have fresh and warm food.   

Why Should You Buy It?    

  • Larger cavity space to cook multiple dishes at once  
  • The easy-access water tank enables 90 minutes of steam cooking   
  • Temperature probe measures food temperature without opening the door  
  • 10-cooking modes for a variety of cooking   

Any Reasons for Second Thought?   

  • Works best if set above the wolf-warming drawer.  

4. Bosch Benchmark® Single Wall Oven 30

Bosch Benchmark® Single Wall Oven 30

Bosch benchmark single wall combi steam oven comes with 14 customized cooking options to turn gourmet cooking into fun. With this oven, you can also prepare customizable bread, pastry, and pizza. In addition, this steam oven has a self-cleaning mode to offer more convenience. The unique feature of this oven is it gives golden crust to pies and pastries, which most steam oven lacks.    

Why Should You Buy It?    

  • Get the best of both steam and conventional oven  
  • Ample cavity space for cooking multiple dishes at once  
  • 14-specialized cooking modes to offer you more personalized cooking  
  • The auto probe method enables you to cook to perfection  

Any Reasons for Second Thought?   

  • Hefty price tag.  
  • No APP or Wi-Fi connectivity 

5. Cuisinart Convection Steam Oven

Cuisinart Convection Steam Oven

What could be better than having uninterrupted steam while cooking? The Cuisinart comes with a steady 2 hours of continuous steam for the most efficient cooking making it one of the best combi steam ovens. Although the last on our list, this oven is still the best for baking bread with unique bread-proofing technology that proves bread is much faster and more efficient.     

Why Should You Buy It? 

  • 120 minutes of steady and uninterrupted steam for better cooking results  
  • Bakes & proofs bread better and faster with better moisture retention  
  • Steam cleaning technology for efficient interior cleaning  
  • A clear water filter at the side allows you to measure the amount of water  

Any Reasons for Second Thought?   

  • Small size   
  • No APP or Wi-Fi connectivity 

How to Choose the Best Steam Oven? 

Get the Best of Both Worlds   

Even though a steam oven ensures healthy food, the crisp skin outside roasted chicken or the puff pastry crust may not be possible. So, we recommend going for combi-steam ovens. Combi stands for combination. These combi ovens combine convection and steam cooking in one oven. Convection ovens enable cooking faster, keep moisture and cook evenly than regular ovens. So, you are geared up and can cook various recipes, including puff pastry or healthy vegetables.    


Steam and combi-steam ovens range in capacity from around 20 to 50 liters. The bigger, the better for those who love entertaining large families. 30-inch size is best for a family of 4, or if you have some guests at your home, it’s the perfect size for cooking multiple dishes at a time.   

Cleaning Mechanism  

Cleaning a steam oven is a hassle; for some, it can be no less than a nightmare! Different steam ovens have varying cleaning options, like cleaning or self-cleaning. Naturally, the self-cleaning option is better. So, don’t forget to check for the cleaning options.    

Cooking Modes  

Steam cooking may seem intimidating initially, but it’s beneficial for amateur cooks. Auto-preprogrammed cooking modes enable first-timers to get the best results. For example, the preprogrammed modes help you to cook your cauliflower or chicken in just time without making it mushy or too dry.   

Temperature Probe   

Roasting a chicken or baking your favorite piece of steak can be done without hassle with the temperature probe. As the oven keeps in check the temperature and lets you know when your meat is done.    

Wi-Fi or Network Accessibility  

Some ovens come with Wi-Fi and networking facilities enabling you to control the food through your smart devices. Moreover, you can get notified when the food is done. Even though these kinds of ovens are a bit pricey, they are worth every buck.    

Accessible Water Tank    

For the best steam oven, the water tank should be easily accessible so that you can give a quick check before you start cooking.     

Best Steam Oven: Conclusion    

The steam oven is compact, and the best steam oven can cook various recipes. Plus, with its compact size, one can easily keep steam as an additional appliance with conventional appliances, if not the primary appliance. However, steam ovens need a bit more maintenance than traditional ovens because of the water tank. Therefore, we recommend picking the best steam oven available within your budget to enjoy a healthier cooking experience that is different than with regular ovens.

Best Steam Oven: FAQ

Is a steam oven good for baking bread?

Baking bread in a combi steam oven has some significant perks. The biggest plus is your loaf’s fantastic texture, but you should find your bread proof and rise evenly. And because the crumb is moister than when cooked in a conventional oven, it stays fresher for longer.

Can you bake with a combi steam oven?

A Combi steam oven is best for almost all kinds of baking. Most of the bread is cooked at the standard oven temperature. This is because they come around 50-60 % humidity, and the loaves of bread have a glossy golden crust with tender, fluffy bread inside. But in the case of sourdough and pizza, the results may differ as the environment is too moist for pizza to cook but excellent to reheat, and in the case of sourdough, the dough has a very crusty finish.

Is a combi steam oven worth it?

Cooking in a combi steam oven is healthier because it keeps more nutrients intact, retains the color, and helps you keep away from fatty oils. Steam ovens can prevent cross-flavoring, too, so you can cook fish and fudge brownies together without getting fishy brownies! Some chefs even call combi steam ovens the best of both worlds. Although it may seem difficult to maintain, combi-steam ovens are worth your bucks!

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