8 Best Dutch Oven for Bread 2022: Read This to Buy the Best One for Yourself!


Whether bread baking is your pastime or you are a professional, it takes just a few attempts to fall in love with Dutch ovens. Baking loaves in a Dutch oven will give you the taste of your favourite artisan bakers. With a Dutch oven along with the best cookware collection, you can even bake sourdough, no-knead bread to perfection! The number of your bread connoisseurs will increase, and they will appreciate the airy texture and crispy crusts more than ever before. 

Before you buy a Dutch oven for yourself, let us take you to the Dutch oven world to figure out which one of the shapes, sizes, and styles is most suited to your specific baking needs. 

We will leave any corner and include a list of the top-rated and best Dutch ovens for bread so you can buy the most suitable one for yourself. 

Why Should You Bake Bread in a Dutch Oven? 

All best dutch oven for bread are endowed with unique heat retention capacities that allow them to bake bread perfectly from the inside. Its heavy lid can hold steam inside and distribute heat to the entire interior, giving the dough a proper spring. These features of a Dutch oven are also great for slow cooking. 

Here are some other facts you can scroll through to understand why you should bake bread in a Dutch oven: 

“Made to Bake” 

The interior of a Dutch oven gives the bread dough adequate space to fit in. This oven is the closest alternative to a baker’s oven for rising and springing the bread from its inside and serving the soft texture of loaves to your table. 

Best Dutch Oven for Bread

Additives feel amorous.

When you add additives to the dish you are preparing in a Dutch oven, they mix well with the slow flame and make the dish more flavorful. 

You will love it. 

Once you know how to use a Dutch oven and know your recipes better, you’ll never look for any other option than a Dutch oven. 

Dutch ovens are versatile.

Top-rated Dutch ovens are not limited to baking your flavorful loaves of bread but also let you cook delicious dishes like soups, stews, etc. So, it’s a multi-purpose oven too and offers great value for money. 

Cooking Turns Fun!  

With all the features and versatilities of Dutch ovens in your favour, these ovens offer you a complete package of enjoyment. Now it’s more fun with multi-purpose Dutch ovens, best for baking bread and slow cooking any item you like.   

Best Dutch Oven for Bread: Which One to Buy? Seasoned Dutch Ovens vs Enameled Dutch Ovens 

There are two types of Dutch ovens: seasoned and enamelled, available on the market. Before jumping into the best Dutch oven for bread, let’s get into a straightforward comparison between the seasoned Dutch oven and the enamel-coated Dutch oven: 

Seasoned Dutch Ovens Enameled Dutch Ovens 
Pre-seasoning required Pre-seasoning is not required, but the cast iron rim and lid of the oven can be seasoned 
Can withstand over 500°F Safe to limited temperature up to 500° 
Oven safe, integrated cast iron handles Oven safe, integrated enamel cast iron handles 
If necessary, it can be pre-heated Enameled Dutch ovens should not be pre-heated 
Open to both indoor and outdoor use Limited to indoor use only 
Can be used in open flames, fireplace Not safe to open flames 
No staining if you maintain it carefully Enamel coat will stain over time 
Lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty 
Affordable Expensive 

Best Dutch Oven for Bread -Verdict: Seasoned or Enamelled?  

Let’s get straight. Dutch ovens with colourful enamel-coated interiors are the best Dutch oven for bread. Apart from the heavy lid and heat retention capacities, these ovens create a steamy environment inside the pot and offer better monitoring visibility while baking. As a result, the bread won’t scorch at the bottom and won’t remain raw inside.   

The dark interior won’t provide similar visibility if you use a cast-iron Dutch oven instead. On top of that, cast-iron Dutch ovens require more maintenance like seasoning. 

1. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt, Flame 

Best Dutch Oven for Bread Le-Creuset-Enameled-Cast-Iron-Signature-Round-Dutch-Oven

Le Creuset enamelled Dutch Oven has a solid build and a smooth interior that is just perfect for springing your crispy crusts. The lid won’t let steam escape and circulates heat and moisture continuously. On top of that, the smooth enameled interior is perfect for caramelization. In spite of its high price range, this Dutch cookpot is ideal for baking and cooking whatever you put in it! 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Stylish and durable, shock-resistant exterior    
  • Tight-fitting lids and bright interior  
  • Larger handles for better grips  
  • Compatible with all cooktops  
  • Oven safe up to 500°F

2. Lodge EC6D34 Enameled Dutch Oven, 6 Qt, Storm Blue


This classic piece of storm blue enamelled Dutch oven is probably a standard gift item if you’re looking around. It’s a multitasker, best from baking bread to cooking delicious dishes and even popcorn! You can sear meat to make beef bourguignon, which is also highly convenient in this oven. Once you let it into your cooking room, it will be the busiest pot in your kitchen. 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Extremely durable and heavy  
  • Light interior colour and a tight fit lid  
  • Round shape with a wavy bottom  
  • Chip resistant three layers of porcelain enamelled cast iron  
  • Induction cooktops and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit 

3. Tramontina 6.5 Qt Round Dutch Oven Ombre Red Enameled Cast Iron 


Tramontina’s round-shaped Dutch oven looks quite similar to the Le Creuset Dutch oven. This 6.5 qt. cooker is also, like the Le Creuset, not limited to baking bread only. It offers superior heat circulation by which you can cook flavorful meats, soups, stews, bake loaves of bread, cobblers, and more dishes. Like other enamelled Dutch ovens, this Ombre Red cookware requires no seasoning. But seasoning the vessel rim and lid rim could strengthen its durability for a lifetime. 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Durable porcelain enamelled round cook pot  
  • Safe-basting lid and bright interior  
  • Compatible with all cooktops   
  • Superior heat retention capacity   
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit 

4. Lodge L8DD3 Logic 5-Quart Double Dutch Oven and Casserole with Skillet Cover (Cast iron) 


Another top-rated Dutch cast iron oven from Lodge! This American round-shaped seasoned double Dutch cast iron cookware will grab your attention for its versatility. The 5-quart double Dutch cookpot can bake all types of bread, including non-knead bread, within its domed cover interior. Moreover, it can happily serve four people meals. So, you’re getting this Dutch oven and casserole with a skillet cover. All in one! 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Skillet converting lid  
  • Lid and the oven integrated handles  
  • Indoor and outdoor use  
  • Dark colour interior  
  • Convenient on top of the open flame  
  • Both the oven & the lid are safe at 500 °F 

5. Combekk 75100124GR Railway Dutch Oven with Therm, 24cm/9.5″/Medium, Green 


Combekk’s medium-sized railway Dutch oven is uniquely crafted with a temperature gauge that will let you bake bread inside out, creating a crackly crust and chewy middle. This edition of the “Railway” series is highly durable, won’t warp or crack and withstand high temperatures. You’ll find the origin of each item stamped on the bottom. 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • This monolayer enamel-coated Dutch oven can endure a lifetime!  
  • Chip resistant and dark enamelled interior  
  • Made from 100% recycled cast iron  
  • Gas, electric, and induction stovetops are compatible  
  • Anodized aluminum knob looks good on the top of the lid 

6. Crock Pot Artisan 5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, Slate Gray 


The durability and multifunctional features of Crock-Pot’s round Dutch oven allow it to serve your kitchen for a long time. Like other top-listed outstanding kitchenware, Crock-Pot’s slate gray Dutch oven is well known for its versatility. This Round-shaped nonstick slow cooker is best for a regular loaf of bread baking and cooking delicious meals for the family.   

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Porcelain enamelled finish cast iron Dutch oven  
  • Safe-basting and tightly fit lid  
  • Round shape and light colour interior  
  • Oven safe up to 450 °F  
  • Easy to clean 

7. Lodge L12CO3 Logic 6-Quart Pre-Seasoned Camp Dutch Oven (Charcoal) 


This pre-seasoned camp Dutch oven is the ultimate server for the crowd on the campground. Its flanged lid can hold hot coals, and you can make bacon, sausage, pancake, fry, and more if you invert the lid as a griddle. Its integral legs fit on top of the campfire’s hot coals and offer real fun while cooking. 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Extremely durable campground Dutch oven  
  • Its heavy flip lid can be used as a griddle  
  • Indoor and outdoor use  
  • Compatible with extreme temperatures; also oven safe 
  • Heat retention capabilities 

8. Crock-Pot Artisan Round Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5-Quart, Aqua


This aqua blue enamel-coated slow cooker is perfect for baking bread loaves and cooking homemade items in memorable ways. It will make cooking more convenient and let you wash without any struggle. This Aqua blue round enamelled Dutch oven comes at a reasonable price that is genuinely worth using for a longer duration. 

Why Should You Buy This? 

  • Porcelain enamelled finish cast iron Dutch oven  
  • Safe-basting and tightly fit lid  
  • Round shape and light colour interior  
  • Oven safe up to 450 °F  
  • Easy to clean 

How to Choose the Best Dutch Oven for Bread Baking: Buying Guide 

Technically, it wouldn’t be ideal to say that a particular Dutch oven is best for you. It is because we all have different tastes and requirements when we cook or bake. So, it’s better to guide you in choosing the Dutch oven that meets your demand and delights your cooktop. 

The following buying guide is all about helping you purchase the Dutch cook horse for baking bread. Let’s start one by one to figure out the key factors in the best Dutch oven for bread baking in your kitchen: 

Durability Matters Most! 

Dutch ovens that are lighter or thinner don’t go for long. Your bread in a thinner oven can easily get scorched by the heat. The Dutch oven should not be lighter than 9.3 pounds, 14 to 18 pounds heavy, and long-lasting Dutch ovens are ideal for baking bread. 

Heavy Lids And Integrated Handles.

The best Dutch ovens come with heavy lids and integrated handles. In some ovens, handles are not integrated into the pot. However, integrated or looped handles are good as they help better grip, even when the oven is excessively heated. 

Light-coloured Interiors Are Preferred.

You’ll find two types of interior colours in Dutch ovens- dark and bright. The bright interior colour is better for monitoring the item inside the oven. You can easily monitor whether the brownish colour you want in your bread is accurate or not. Proper visibility of the dish inside also helps you bake bread without letting it burn or stick to the bottom. 

Dutch ovens with dark interiors make it difficult to monitor the food colour accurately, which can even scorch the entire item.   

Look For Desired Size and Shape 

Although the amount you want to cook matters ultimately, a 5-quart size is pretty good for baking bread, allowing enough room for the loaf to expand and enough headspace to bake any size ball of bread dough, boule loaf, or oval-shaped bread. 

In terms of shape, you will find two specific shapes of Dutch ovens; short and wide or narrow and tall. However, the recommended shape for the best Dutch oven for bread is short and wide, which is perfect for proper heat distribution, and essential for bread baking in Dutch ovens. 

Oven Safe Temperature  

If your Dutch cook pot is oven safe up to 450°F and features a tightly fitted heavy lid, you can happily bake bread in it. Our listed best Dutch oven for bread are typically oven safe from 450°F to 500°F. 

Enamelled Dutch Ovens Are Easier To Clean 

Enamelled coated Dutch ovens can be cleaned easily as they require no seasoning. However, you have to be cautious not to damage enamel while cleaning it. Although some enamelled cookware can be safe for dishwashing, we recommend hand washing to enhance their lifespans. 

Best Dutch Oven for Bread: Final Thoughts 

The best Dutch oven for bread baking have features like a heavy base, lid, solid cast iron, fit to the bread loaf size, hold the steam inside and distribute the heat properly.   

However, Dutch ovens are versatile, which means these ovens are not limited to baking bread only. You can easily prepare meals, braise, simmer, fry, and soup too. For preparing those crusty sourdoughs, or boule-shaped bread, the best Dutch oven for bread in our selection is no less than traditional baking. With the addition of these great Dutch ovens along with the best cookware, you can now impress people by baking artisan-like bread at home. 


What size Dutch oven should i buy? 

If you want to bake or cook for your family or the invited crowd at your home, then a 5 to 7-quart will be the best Dutch oven for bread and cooking delicious items. 

Why is it called Dutch oven? 

The traditional version of a Dutch oven was discovered by Abraham Darby, an English industrialist in Netherland. Darby named it “Dutch Oven” as a tribute to the nation.

What size Dutch oven for sourdough bread is needed? 

For sourdough bread baking, 5 to 7 quarts of Dutch ovens are perfect for rising inside the interior. 

What is the best Dutch oven size for sourdough bread? 

Before buying an oven for baking bread, you need to confirm the measurement of the bread size. 5 to 7- quart sizes are the best Dutch oven for bread, especially sourdough. You can try the Lodge Dutch oven, which offers a great bread baking interior.

What do you make in a Dutch oven other than breads? 

Dutch ovens are not limited to baking bread only. Instead, they are multifunctioning kitchenware. One can easily prepare meals, braise, simmer, fry, soup, and mash potatoes in the Dutch oven.

What can I use instead of a Dutch oven? 

Several substitutes can work if you don’t have a Dutch oven—for example, deep oven-proof skillets, cast-iron skillets, slow-cookers, etc. 

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