About Us

About Us

Our Mission  

At Pembina Times, we report with the utmost care and put people at the heart of every story. Whether it’s community news, lifestyle, weather, or business—we cover stories that impact lives. Regardless of identity, location, or belief, you can count on the Pembina Times to help you with news, views, opinions, and information. We keep our readers’ needs, aspirations, and curiosity in every post you can read.   

How do we do things?  

  1. We are local, care about people, and remain committed to the internet community we serve.  
  2. To serve the people better, we continuously widen the range of topics and include a sincere and relatable voice in the reporting.  
  3. We are good listeners; we listen to our readers and incorporate their opinions into our choice of stories, writing, and telling.  

Our Commitment   

We believe in equality, diversity, inclusiveness, justice – and everything that defines it. We care about the readers we write for and choose the stories that encompass their life – we believe it’s critical to help our cause.   

We aim to write and tell stories and serve the diverse community with stories that matter to them and leave a lasting impression. To achieve our goals, we include a diverse voice in reporting the news and listen to our readers and viewers to ensure we’re open and responsive to the call of time.   

Standards And Disclosures  

Pembina Times made it its objective to be accurate, transparent, sincere in its reporting, sourcing, and fair in its opinions, views, and analysis. Pembina Times strives to verify information via multiple sources whenever possible.  

Everyone is subject to errors, and the Pembina Times is open to promptly rectifying any misstatements, inappropriate sourcing, or misquoting, with a correction note in appropriate places (usually at the bottom of the article). For a rigorous error, more prominent notices will be placed accordingly. The Pembina Times only retracts an article or post after extensive review by a senior editor when there are fundamental flaws with an editor’s note.